Yaming Xu

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Increasing the freedom of communication using conventional row/column (RC) P300 paradigm by naive way (increasing matrix size) may deteriorate inherent distraction effect and interaction speed. In this paper, we propose a two-level predictive (TLP) paradigm by integrating a 3×3 two-level matrix paradigm with a statistical language model. The TLP paradigm is(More)
Structural health monitoring with wireless sensor networks has been increasingly popular in recent years because of the convenience. In this paper, a real-time monitoring system for cracks on the surface of reactor containment buildings is presented. Customized wireless sensor networks platforms are designed and implemented with sensors especially for crack(More)
We propose a trial-based decoding method for an event-related potential (ERP)-based brain-computer interface (BCI). In contrast to conventional methods decoding based on single ERP-epoch, we integrate within-trial ERP-epochs and combine a 5-gram language model to ease BCI spelling. Experiment results on 10 subjects show that the proposed method improves the(More)
Glioma is the most common primary central nervous system tumor. Despite considerable research effort, little progress has been made in the therapeutic treatment of this disease. Protein kinase Cε (PKCε), an important intracellular signaling molecule, modulates diverse cellular functions, including cell proliferation, apoptosis, invasion and differentiation.(More)
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