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This paper investigates visual servoing stabilization of nonholonomic moving robots with unknown camera parameters. Based on the visual servoing feedback and the common chained form of type (1,2) robot, we obtain a new kind of uncertain model of nonholonomic kinemetic system firstly. Then a time varying feedback controller is proposed for exponentially(More)
This paper investigates the robust control problem of nonholonomic dynamic systems with unknown inertia parameters, dynamic and static friction terms, and other disturbances. Based on the ideas of H<sup>&#x221E;</sup> control and homogeneous feedback, the controller proposed can stabilize the closed loop systems when there is no exotic disturbance. In(More)
For non-independent speech recognition, in order to solve the problem of the assumption that the observation vectors are independent and the amount of data is small in Hidden Markov Model, a weighted autoregressive Hidden Markov Model was presented based on the Continuous Hidden Markov Model in this paper. The weighted autoregressive process was exploited(More)
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