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A prospective study was undertaken to analyse the lead concentrations in maternal and cord blood of 71 pregnant Arab women at term who used eye cosmetics, particularly "surma". A total of 64 mothers (90%) used eye cosmetics throughout pregnancy, and, of these, 45% used surma. The lead content of the cosmetics available in the market was found to vary(More)
Noninvasive imaging of coronary artery disease is rapidly replacing angiography as the first line of investigation. Multislice CT is the non-invasive modality of choice for imaging coronary artery disease and provides high speed with good spatial resolution. CT coronary angiography in addition to detecting and characterising atherosclerotic coronary artery(More)
Vesicovaginal reflux is a common cause of urinary incontinence in girls. A micturating cystourethrogram, which is the diagnostic investigation of choice, can demonstrate retrograde filling of the vagina during micturition and the complete emptying of the vagina at the end of micturition. Vesicovaginal reflux is a rare cause of gross hydrocolpos occurring(More)
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