Yamato Yoshikawa

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A novel photonic crystal lattice is proposed for trapping a two-dimensional array of particles. The lattice is created by introducing a rectangular slot in each unit cell of the Suzuki-Phase lattice to enhance the light confinement of guided resonance modes. Large quality factors on the order of 10 5 are predicted in the lattice. A significant decrease of(More)
PURPOSE Walker-Warburg syndrome (WWS) is a type of congenital muscular dystrophy (CMD) characterised by severe brain malformation, lissencephaly, and congenital eye abnormalities. Despite the coexistence of various eye abnormalities, results from optical coherence tomography (OCT) in WWS have not previously been reported. We herein report specific OCT(More)
We investigate strong coupling between a single quantum dot (QD) and photonic crystal cavity through transmission modification of an evanescently coupled waveguide. Strong coupling is observed through modification of both the cavity scattering spectrum and waveguide transmission. We achieve an overall Q of 5800 and an exciton-photon coupling strength of 21(More)
We propose a light-structure interaction that utilizes circularly polarized light to deform a slightly bent waveguide. The mechanism allows for flipping the direction of deformation upon changing the binary polarization state of light from  to . Temporal behavior of radiation-pressure-induced vibrations of an optical microcavity phonon mode, " Phys.(More)
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