Yaman Güçlü

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High-order temporal discretizations for hyperbolic conservation laws have historically been formulated as either a method of lines (MOL) or a Lax–Wendroff method. In the MOL viewpoint, the partial differential equation is treated as a large system of ordinary differential equations (ODEs), where an ODE tailored time integrator is applied. In contrast,(More)
This paper is focused on the description of simulation codes developed to design a helicon plasma thruster for a small satellite under development in the research project Helicon plasma hydrazine combined micro (HPH.com) conducted within the 7th Framework Program of the EU by a European consortium.
The Convected Scheme (CS) is a family of semi-Lagrangian algorithms, most usually applied to the solution of Boltzmann’s equation, which uses a method of characteristics in an integral form to project a moving cell (MC) forward to a group of mesh cells. In earlier work [1], a 4th-order version of the cell-centered CS was presented, which was based on(More)
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