Yaman Aksu

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Alzheimer's disease (AD) and mild cognitive impairment (MCI) are of great current research interest. While there is no consensus on whether MCIs actually "convert" to AD, this concept is widely applied. Thus, the more important question is not whether MCIs convert, but what is the best such definition. We focus on automatic prognostication, nominally using(More)
Feature selection for classification in high-dimensional spaces can improve generalization, reduce classifier complexity, and identify important, discriminating feature "markers." For support vector machine (SVM) classification, a widely used technique is recursive feature elimination (RFE). We demonstrate that RFE is not consistent with margin(More)
Feature selection for classification working in high-dimensional feature spaces can improve generalization accuracy, reduce clas-sifier complexity, and is also useful for identifying the important feature " markers " , e.g., biomarkers in a bioinformatics or biomed-ical context. For support vector machine (SVM) classification, a widely used feature(More)
This paper describes a Software Tool for Automated MRI Post-processing (STAMP) of multiple types of brain MRIs on a workstation and for parallel processing on a supercomputer (STAMPS). This software tool enables the automation of nonlinear registration for a large image set and for multiple MR image types. The tool uses standard brain MRI post-processing(More)
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