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BACKGROUND AND AIMS The identification of stoichiometric homeostasis is crucial for understanding plant adaptive strategies under a changing environment. However, current knowledge of plant stoichiometric homeostasis has mainly been obtained from mature leaves, with little from other organs across different developmental stages. METHODS We conducted a(More)
Nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) availabilities affect plant growth and the balance of elements, yet how these plant traits respond to N and P supply remains unclear. We explored the effects of N and P supply on the growth rate, leaf N and P concentration, and nutrient resorption of Arabidopsis thaliana in a greenhouse fertilization experiment. Relative(More)
We investigate the fluctuation behaviors of financial stock markets by Zipf analysis. In the present paper, the empirical research is made to describe ensembles and specifics of stock price returns for global stock indices, and the corresponding Zipf distributions are given. First we study the fluctuation behavior of global stock markets by m, k -Zipf(More)
Wei Li, Fengxia Zhang, Ranran Wu, Lijia Jia, Guosheng Li, Yalong Guo, Cuimin Liu, and Guodong Wang State Key Laboratory of Plant Genomics and National Center for Plant Gene Research, Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100101, China State Key Laboratory of Plant Cell and Chromosome Engineering and Center for(More)
The Preiss-Handler pathway, which salvages nicotinate (NA) for NAD synthesis, is an indispensable biochemical pathway in land plants. Various NA conjugations (mainly methylation and glycosylation) have been detected and have long been proposed for NA detoxification in plants. Previously, we demonstrated that NA O-glucosylation functions as a mobilizable(More)
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