Yaling Tian

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Agroforestry practice is believed to be an effective means of maintaining and improving soil fertility, and is widely used by farmers around the world. To gain better understanding of the effects of agroforestry practice on soil fertility, the organic carbon content, total nitrogen content, microbial biomass, basal respiration, and activity of soil enzymes(More)
Chitin nanocrystal (ChiNC) is a promising reinforcing nanofiller for biomedical polymers. However, its self-aggregation characteristics caused processing difficulty in developing ChiNC-based nanocomposites. Herein, a new degradable crosslinked bioelastomer, designated as poly(1,8-octanediol-co-Pluronic F127 citrate) (POFC) was synthesized by melt(More)
In this study, batch and column experiments were conducted to evaluate the feasibility of using persulfate oxidation to treat groundwater contaminated by landfill leachate (CGW). In batch experiments, persulfate was compared with H2O2, and permanganate for oxidation of organic compounds in CGW. It was also compared with the potential of biodegradation for(More)
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