Yaling Dou

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Influenza vaccines elicit antigen-specific antibodies and immune memory to protect humans from infection with drift variants. However, what supports or limits vaccine efficacy and duration is unclear. Here, we vaccinated healthy volunteers with annual vaccine formulations and investigated the dynamics of T cell, natural killer (NK) cell and antibody(More)
Interleukin 12 (IL-12) is a cytokine that has been reported to exhibit potent tumoricidal effects in animal tumor models. A combined approach using Paclitaxel and platinum-based doublet chemotherapy is the most commonly used backbone regimen for treating lung cancer. Despite numerous studies regarding the anti-tumor effects of IL-12 and the widespread use(More)
The greatly studies show that it is quite appropriate to use fuzzy theory to solve the shortest path problem. This paper analyses the general method of dealing with the shortest path problem by using discrete fuzzy arc length, and points out the issue of such methods. As carrying on various kinds of operation between the fuzzy numbers and sets, some(More)
Foreground segmentation in videos by background subtraction methods are widely used in video surveillance applications. Adaptive single or mixture Gaussian models have been adopted for modeling nonstationary temporal distributions of background pixels. However, a challenge for this approach is that it is hard to choose a threshold to separate foreground(More)
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