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Power amplifier MMICs were designed and fabricated using micro-strip topology on 3-mil thinned semi-insulating SiC substrates with through vias. A two-stage 50-ohm matched Ka-band MMIC with an output-stage composed of a 1.2-mm-wide device operated with Psat of 5 Watts at 26.5 GHz, corresponding to a power density of 3.1 W/mm, with an associated gain of 9dB(More)
—A new balanced bandpass filter (BPF) with tunable bandwidth using tri-mode stub-loaded resonators is proposed. To tune the differential-mode bandwidth, the two even-mode resonance frequencies and two transmission zeros (TZs) are tuned while the odd-mode resonance frequency keeps unchanged. To realize high selectivity for differential mode, another two TZs(More)
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