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This article is about the recognition for handwritten characters. Firstly, we use some conventional methods to preprocess the images and introduce the 13-point feature of skeleton method to extract the data that containing feature of the handwritten character. Secondly, we use the data to train the self-organizing competition network. In the end, we test(More)
We focused our attention on model reduction for linear time invariant (LTI) continuous time systems with single input and single output (SISO). We analyzed the strongpoint and shortcoming of an information theoretic approach called minimum information loss method for model reduction. We explained relationships between the steady-state information entropy(More)
Thermal control and temperature uniformity are important factors for aerial cameras. This paper describes the problems with existing systems and introduces modifications. The modifications have improved the temperature uniformity from 12.8°C to 4.5°C, and they enable images to be obtained at atmospheric and low pressures (35.4 KPa). First, thermal optical(More)
Step and stare imaging with staring arrays has become the main approach to realizing wide area coverage and high resolution imagery of potential targets. In this paper, a backscanning step and stare imaging system is described. Compared with traditional step and stare imaging systems, this system features a much higher frame rate by using a small-sized(More)
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