Yaliang Chuang

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In this research, two joint evaluation rating methods (focus-on-attribute and drag-and-drop) and a separate evaluation rating method (focus-on-stimulus) are proposed for rating multiple visual stimuli with respect to multiple scales. All three interactive methods incorporate a real-time adjusting mechanism, allowing respondents to interactively adjust their(More)
Aasly J. Aghdam S. Aguayo L. Albrecht J. Altelaar M. Andjelkovic A. Andreasson E Annaert W. Ascenzi P. Atlasz T. Baba H. Baines C. Banik N.L. Bartnik B. Bass C. Beart P.M. Beaton C. Behbahani H. Beher D. Ben-Yosef D. Bernstein H.-G. Bieberich E. Boeckers T. Boggs J. Booze R. Borutaite V. Bossenmeyer-Pouri e C. Bowen W. Bringmann A. Brosnihan K.B. Brown R.(More)
Digital devices and intelligent systems are becoming popular in the world. However, they seldom provide sufficient communications to help users have situated awareness of the surrounding status. In this study, we explored the expressiveness designs with the point lights embedded on ubiquitous devices. Extending from related works, we demonstrated how could(More)
Most of the previous smart home researches were primarily concerned for single-user scenarios. However, our homes are usually full with social interactions. In order to explore the research challenge, we applied need-finding approaches to envision the possibilities. We visited ten families to prove five important themes in domestic life. Those findings were(More)
Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is a debilitating psychiatric disorder capable of causing considerable distress at the individual as well as societal level. Obtaining a sound diagnosis of this disorder and formulating an effective treatment plan require that clinicians possess a comprehensive understanding of the developmental pathways and course of alcohol use.(More)
This paper proposes a mobile support system to assist DUI (Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol) offenders on probation in avoiding committing DUI again. A customizable portable breathalyzer is used in conjunction with the DUI offender's mobile phone to self-administer alcohol screening tests and send the results to a server. The system also transmits(More)
This paper highlights three pairs of implicit but important human values that are sometimes overlooked or taken for granted in the design of mainstream products for the home. They are <i>private and shared, present and past, control and abdicate.</i> We argue that these values are worth preserving and balancing in interactions with Internet-of-things (IoT)(More)
This paper describes the challenges and lessons learned in the design of a patient monitoring and early warning system for patients in acute psychiatric centers. We began by conducting contextual inquiries and a focus group to identify the challenges and opportunities for the application of new technologies. The resulting themes were then used in the(More)
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