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Urban public transport transit system plays an important role in the public transportation system in Shanghai. Based on the interchange station Yishan Road station, where subway line 3, 4 and 9 interchanges, the research on public transportation transit system was initiated. On the basis of characteristics of passenger transfer, the transit model was(More)
With the development of rail transit in China, interchange efficiency is more and more important. This paper conducted model based research on rail transit based on Yishan Road station in Shanghai, China. Transit model was established using on-board time, transit time, transit distance and transit cost, by disaggregate-approach based Logic model. Based on(More)
Used Car Evaluation is a course to evaluate the status of used car, show its current technical condition, and evaluate its current value. With the development of auto industry, more emphasis should be put on used car evaluation teaching. This paper investigated the current status for this course. Based on characteristics analysis, reform strategy was(More)
Development of self-brand intellectual property rights and core technologies for auto is top priority to China's self-brand auto companies. Along with the fast development of auto industry in China, the disadvantage in intellectual property rights obstructs development of self-brand car. The paper stressed on the current situation of intellectual property(More)
This paper presented dynamic analysis of metal pushing V-belt Continuously variable transmissions (CVT). A three-dimensional continuous model of V-belt CVT was established, considering the effects of transient dynamic behavior of a belt element and band as it travels from the inlet to the exit of the driven pulley and evaluating the CVT system performance(More)
Self-brand car is attracting more and more attention in the global auto industry. Along with auto industry development, great achievement has been made by Chinese self-brand car. This paper is subjected to evaluate the development of Chinese self-brand car, to specify its unique character and uncover its developing strategy. Based on character analysis, the(More)
Public transportation is a relatively high-capacity and energy-efficient alternative for urban passenger transportation. With the development of society and economy, demand for public transportation increased dramatically in Shanghai. This paper probed into the public transportation system in Shanghai, evaluated its development. Based on current situation(More)
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