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Shugoshin 1 (Sgo1) functions as a protector of centromeric cohesion of sister chromatids in higher eukaryotes. Here, we provide evidence for a previously unrecognized role for Sgo1 in centriole cohesion. Sgo1 depletion via RNA interference induces the formation of multiple centrosome-like structures in mitotic cells that result from the separation of paired(More)
We have measured the expression of T-type Ca2+ channel mRNA in breast cancer cell lines (MCF-7 (ERalpha+) using Western blot and quantitative real-time PCR (Q-RT-PCR). These results revealed that the MCF-7 cells express both alpha1G and alpha1H isoforms of T-type Ca2+ channels. In order to further clarify the role of T-type Ca2+ channels in proliferation,(More)
Polo-like kinase 3 (Plk3) is an important mediator of the cellular responses to genotoxic stresses. In this study, we examined the physiologic function of Plk3 by generating Plk3-deficient mice. Plk3(-/-) mice displayed an increase in weight and developed tumors in various organs at advanced age. Many tumors in Plk3(-/-) mice were large in size, exhibiting(More)
Based on their mechanism of action, anti-tumor drugs that target the cell cycle can be generally divided into three categories, namely, blocking DNA synthesis, causing DNA damage, and disrupting mitotic processes. In terms of mitotic inhibitors, most compounds used in the clinic impair the normal function of mitotic spindles by targeting tubulins, basic(More)
Cytokinins play important roles in legume-rhizobia symbiosis. Here we report isolation of six genes encoding isopentenyl transferase (IPT) from Lotus japonicus, which catalyze the rate-limiting step of cytokinin biosynthesis. The LjIPT3 gene was found to be up-regulated in infected roots and mature nodules. Histochemical analysis demonstrated expression of(More)
Aneuploidy, a frequent form of genomic instability, is a direct result of mis-segregation of sister chromatids during mitosis. Cohesion of sister chromatids in eukaryotes is primarily achieved by the cohesin complex. Since Sgo1 functions to protect centromeric cohesin and since depletion of Sgo1 results in precocious chromosomal segregation and massive(More)
Sgo1 is an evolutionarily conserved protein that functions as a protector of centromeric cohesin during mitosis. Recent studies show that Sgo1 is kinetochorelocalized and required for accurate segregation of mitotic chromosomes because depletion of Sgo1 in mammalian cells results in precocious initiation of anaphase and mis-segregation of chromosomes.(More)
Urban public transport transit system plays an important role in the public transportation system in Shanghai. Based on the interchange station Yishan Road station, where subway line 3, 4 and 9 interchanges, the research on public transportation transit system was initiated. On the basis of characteristics of passenger transfer, the transit model was(More)
With the development of rail transit in China, interchange efficiency is more and more important. This paper conducted model based research on rail transit based on Yishan Road station in Shanghai, China. Transit model was established using on-board time, transit time, transit distance and transit cost, by disaggregate-approach based Logic model. Based on(More)