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In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the prescription is the crystallization of clinical experience of doctors, which is the main way to cure diseases in China for thousands of years. Clinical cases, on the other hand, describe how doctors diagnose and prescribe. In this paper, we propose a framework which mines treatment patterns in TCM clinical cases by(More)
How to help users learn history efficiently is a problem. To solve it, We proposed CKGHV(Comprehensive Knowledge Graph for History Visualization). This paper focuses on analyzing character relationship of the three kingdoms, and proposed a visualization called overview map. Wordcloud and radiogram present information of battle and character relationship.
The allegation of "Glycyrrhiza antagonistic to Sargassum, Euphorbia Pekinensis, Kansui, and Genkwa", being one of the hypotheses of "18 antagonisms" in TCM pharmacology, is referring to the antagonistic action among the Radix et Rhizoma Glycyrrhiza and Radix Euphorbiae Kansui, Radix Euphorbiae Pekinensis, Flos Genkwa, and Sargassum when compounded together(More)
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