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The emergence of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication requires new Medium Access Control (MAC) schemes and physical (PHY) layer concepts to support a massive number of access requests. The concept of coded random access, introduced recently, greatly outperforms other random access methods and is inherently capable to take advantage of the capture effect(More)
Recently, Compressed Sensing has been proposed as a promising physical layer technique for Multi-User Detection in Massive Machine Communication (MMC). MMC is characterized by low data rates, low control signaling overhead and different traffic models compared to human-oriented communication. In this context, Compressed Sensing based Multi-User Detection(More)
Massive Machine Communication (MMC) in the next generation of mobile communication (5G) systems requires new Medium Access Control (MAC) and physical (PHY) layer concepts to handle massive access with low overhead. The recently developed concept coded random access is capable of resolving collisions in massive access at MAC layer. Furthermore, Compressive(More)
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