Yalda Modabber

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TCR rearrangements were used to probe the clonal origin of myelin basic protein (MBP)-reactive T cells from patients with multiple sclerosis (n = 7) and normal subjects (n = 3). The majority of MBP-specific T cell lines were specific for the immunodominant MBP(84-102) and MBP(143-168) peptides and were restricted by HLA-DR molecules. In two patients with(More)
The frequency of clonally expanded and persistent T cells recognizing the immunodominant autoantigenic peptide of myelin basic protein (MBP)p85-99 was directly measured ex vivo in subjects with typical relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (MS). T cells expressing mRNA transcripts encoding T cell receptor (TCR)-alpha and -beta chains found in T cell clones(More)
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