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RATIONALE, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES In this study smartphones/tablet PCs and medical application utilization by family physicians and factors concerning the acceptance of medical application in family practice setting have been studied. METHODS One hundred seventy-six participants voluntarily agreed to fill out a 27-item questionnaire. Data were analysed with(More)
Spasticity is a disorder that causes movement constraints in daily life and induced by upper neuron syndrome. Although spasticity is a well-known motor disorder, there are related diagnostic and assessment problems. The lack of common rating in assessment of spasticity causes significant differences between the interpretations of the specialists. In this(More)
The prominence of systems for automatic person identification has risen increasingly during in recent years. One of the biometric features such as finger print, face, iris, hand and DNA is human gait which the only knows biometric feature distinguishes the other biometric from perceptibility some distance away. In former work, gait recognition is mainly(More)
The trend of using location-based services (LBS) is not new but has evolved over long time and continues to enter into new application and service landscapes. LBS have essentially targeted outdoor scenarios, whereas GPS is the de-facto standard for these cases. Indoor localization technologies are also gaining attraction. In this paper, we present our(More)
The paper investigates the applicability of an area-wide coverage of speed enforcement by a non-stationary Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system. Two instrumented cars, each fitted with an ANPR camera and related equipment, were facilitated in the surveys. These cars were parked systematically according to a schedule during the day within a large(More)
Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a chronic muscle and skeletal system disease observed generally in women, manifesting itself with a widespread pain and impairing the individual’s quality of life. FMS diagnosis is made based on the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) criteria. However, recently the employability and sufficiency of ACR criteria are under(More)
In this study, object tracking application by using image processing and PI controlling is implemented. The color property of the desired object which was wanted to be detected and tracked by image processing technique was utilized and it's position in front of the camera was aimed to be fixed. Controlling technique is using the PI variation of the PID(More)
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