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This paper presents a novel service-oriented network architecture to bridge the informational gap between user applications and optical networks providing technology-agnostic multigranular optical network services for clouds. A mediation layer (service plane) between user applications and network control is proposed to facilitate a mapping process between(More)
An adaptive gridless OXC is implemented using a 3D-MEMS optical backplane plus optical modules (sub-systems) that provide elastic spectrum and time switching functionality. The OXC adapts its architecture on demand to fulfill the switching requirements of incoming traffic. The system is implemented in a seven-node network linked by installed fiber and is(More)
Multi-object relationship information can help eliminate some incorrect combinations or locations of objects. Moreover, it is favorable to extract scene information for object recognition. In this paper, we introduce a new way to generate image representation and propose a deep learning framework to fuse the contextual dependencies among objects and scene(More)
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