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This paper presents an approach to the recognition of speech signal using frequency spectral information with mel frequency for the improvement of speech feature representation in a HMM based recognition approach. The mel frequency approach exploits the frequency observation for speech signal in a given resolution which results in resolution feature(More)
Over the past few years, Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) has been an active research area. A rapid proliferation has been witnessed in the fields of both theoretical research and development of the CBIR system. The most commonly used transformation techniques in CBIR include wavelet and Fourier transformations; in spite of their widespread utilization,(More)
This paper proposes an Automated Instrumentation system for Speech Recognition (AISR) to provide a two-way communication between deaf and vocal people. This system translates speech signal to American Sign Language. Words that correspond to signs from the American sign language dictionary calls a prerecorded American sign language (ASL) showing the sign(More)
Received Nov 07, 2016 Revised Jan 13, 2017 Accepted Jan 23, 2017 An appropriate fault detection and classification of power system transmission line using discrete wavelet transform and artificial neural networks is performed in this paper. The analysis is carried out by applying discrete wavelet transform for obtained fault phase currents. The work(More)
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