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Recommended by Abraham Fapojuwo Wireless sensor networks are application-dependent networks. An application may require general event region information, per-node event region information, or prioritized event information in case of multiple events. All event flows are subject to congestion in wireless sensor networks. This is due to the sudden impulse of(More)
To calculate some statistical properties of a language, first you need to take some samples of that language. That sample is called a corpus. An unbalanced large scale Turkish text corpus (TurCo) having /spl sim/362 MB capacity and more than 50 million words was prepared by using 12 different resources including Web sites and novels in Turkish language.(More)
Determination of the statistical properties of a natural language is one of the most important part of the language analysis. Number of different words (NODW), and different word usage ratio (DWUR) concepts are some of the general characteristics of a corpus. These values are described and calculated for the Turkish corpus (TurCo). Also, word n-grams are(More)
Fairness in wireless sensor networks demands event nodes to have an equal share in the overall throughput of the system. Fairness is difficult to achieve in sensor networks due to multiple hop packet forwarding to a single destination that results in congestion. Moreover, greater the density of event region greater is the level of interference and greater(More)
Due to the challenging working conditions in the underground mining, some difficulties are being experienced in sensing and monitoring of important physical environmental parameters. The requirement for a Wireless Sensor Network has gained significant importance in recent years for the measurement and transmission of various data from different areas of an(More)
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