Yakup S. Ozkazanç

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GPS is a radio navigation system that provides accurate navigation signals to any place on Earth. Although GPS was originally designed for military applications, GPS has also been used in many civilian applications. The reliability of GPS receivers and the availability of GPS signals have become crucial in the fast-growing use of GPS in military and(More)
In spectroscopy, for material detection and identification applications, spectral libraries are used as reference databases. In spectral libraries, there are spectral reflectance signatures of many materials in electro-optical and optical wavelengths. Sometimes, in spectral libraries, different subclasses of the same materials are included. In material(More)
This paper proposes a general approach to detect the presence of deceptive counter measures such as RGPO or VGPO. The method which is based on the Kalman filter lays its foundation on drift between Doppler measurement and the Doppler information obtained from the range measurement of a target in track. By measuring this drift by Mahalonobis distance metric(More)
In multisensor data analysis, scene details can be extracted via subspace methods without any prior information on the scene. In these decomposition techniques, data is projected into a new space so that the information in the data is highlighted. In this study, Principal Component Analysis, Independent Component Analysis and Minumum Noise Fractions method(More)
The phenotypic properties of the livings are dependent on lots of genes and the nucleotide sequences which control that genes in their genomes. One of these control tasked nucleotide sequences is promoter regions. It is seen that these regions have complexity in the way of nucleotide sequencing. In this paper, the complexity of the promoter regions of human(More)
In the color cognition process of a scene, there is no use of the atmosphere, surface reflectance and illuminant interaction. Therefore, the color perception is blind. The color perception in human brain is directly related to the response of retinal photodetector tissues. Are there only three detectors in the retina; Red, Green, Blue detectors; or are(More)
A new statistical approach has been proposed for improved short-term wind-electric power forecasts of wind power plants (WPPs) based on a new wind-pattern-recognition technique, and reference wind mast (RWM) data correlations with numerical weather predictions (NWPs) to localize wind data to the given WPP site. For this purpose, first, NWP data are combined(More)
For image understanding and performing detection, recognition and identification functions, different features representing the scene should be extracted from different images of the scene. From the images of the scene captured by different sensors, such as operating at different bands, different features can be obtained. For sensor fusion, first the(More)