Yakup Paker

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—This correspondence describes a European Union supported collaborative project called CustomTV based on the premise that future TV sets will provide all sorts of multimedia information and interactivity, as well as manage all such services according to each user's or group of user's preferences/profiles. We have demonstrated the potential of recent(More)
The traditional boundaries between the computer, TV/Film industries and telecommunications, are blurring. Therein lies the focus of MPEG-4: the convergence of common applications of the above mentioned three industries. MPEG-4 aims to satisfy the new requirements and expectations, by providing an audio visual coding standard allowing for interactivity, high(More)
The problem of scheduling MPEG-4 video objects for real-time encoding on to parallel architectures is studied. It is shown the need for the analysis of the MPEG-4 video encoder and the design of a scheduler that exploits the MPEG-4 concurrency. A real-time MPEG-4 scheme should take into account characteristics such as VOPs deadlines, precedence constraints,(More)