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Based on real-world image sequence characteristics of center-biased motion vector distribution, a Hexagonal (HS) algorithm with center-biased checking point pattern for fast block motion estimation is proposed. The HS is compared with full search (FS), four-step search (4SS), new three-step search (NTSS), and recently proposed diamond search (DS) methods.(More)
—This correspondence describes a European Union supported collaborative project called CustomTV based on the premise that future TV sets will provide all sorts of multimedia information and interactivity, as well as manage all such services according to each user's or group of user's preferences/profiles. We have demonstrated the potential of recent(More)
The parallel computing based on the domain decomposition method is use for solving this problem. A number of PCs are used to form a network under the Linux operating system. A parallel algorithm of the domain decomposition is put forward by means of the physical conception, i.e., the continuous condition of heat flux in the interface. Another parallel(More)
Integer mapping is critical for lossless source coding and has been used for multicomponent image compression in the new international image compression standard JPEG 2000. In this paper, starting from block factorizations for any nonsingular transform matrix, we introduce two types of parallel elementary reversible matrix (PERM) factorizations which are(More)