Yakov Novikov

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We describe a SAT-solver, BerkMin, that inherits suchfeatures of GRASP, SATO, and Chaff as clause recording,fast BCP, restarts, and conflict clause "aging". At thesame time BerkMin introduces a new decision makingprocedure and a new method of clause databasemanagement. We experimentally compare BerkMin withChaff, the leader among SAT-solvers used in the(More)
The verification problem for the case of the description of a functional indeterminacy set by a system of partially specified Boolean functions is considered. The formal approach based on the reduction of the verification problem to a satisfiability test of the conjunctive normal form is suggested. Three approaches to the solution of the verification(More)
The theory of hierarchical Boolean satisfiability (SAT) solving proposed in this paper is based on a strict axiomatic system and introduces a new important notion of implicativity. The theory makes evident that increasing implicativity is the core of SAT-solving. We provide a theoretical basis for increasing the implicativity of a given SAT instance and for(More)
We introduce the notion of a common specification (CS) that is the key to understanding the complexity of equivalence checking. A CS S of functionally equivalent Boolean circuits N1 and N2 is a circuit of multi-valued blocks where N1 and N2 can be obtained from this CS by encoding the values of multi-valued variables of S. We show that the performance of an(More)