Yakov M. Shafransky

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This paper examines scheduling problems in which the setup phase of each operation needs to be attended by a single server, common for all jobs and different from the processing machines. The objective in each situation is to minimize the makespan. For the processing system consisting of two parallel dedicated machines we prove that the problem of finding(More)
Multicriteria sequencing problems with criteria ordered according to their importance are considered. Additional precedence and group technology constraints are imposed. We introduce a notion of a priority-generating vector function and suggest general techniques that form a base for the construction of polynomial time algorithms for numerous sequencing(More)
The problem of scheduling a set of unit-time jobs on M uniform machines is studied. Some jobs may require a unit of an additional single resource during their execution. The resource is renewable but the total resource consumption is limited by the same value at each time instant. The objective is to find a feasible schedule minimizing the maximum job(More)