Yakov A. Barton

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BACKGROUND Previous research has identified elevated social adjustment and frequent religious attendance as protective against depression. The present study aims to examine the association of frequency of religious services attendance with subsequent depression, while accounting for the effects of social adjustment. METHOD Participants were 173 adult(More)
We investigate the relationship between personal spirituality and positive psychology traits as potentially presented in multiple profiles, rather than monolithically across a full sample. A sample of 3966 adolescents and emerging adults (aged 18–25, mean = 20.19, SD = 2.08) and 2014 older adults (aged 26–82, mean = 38.41, SD = 11.26) completed a survey(More)
Diagnosis of depression has low reliability (kappa = 0.28) due to “covert heterogeneity,” making the identification of sub-types a focus of research. Very high rates of moderate or sub-threshold depression among adolescents (35–45 % beyond the 20–25 % with MDD), prompt consideration of a potential sub-type of moderate sub-threshold depression, linked to(More)
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