Yakout Mansour

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This paper summarizes BC Hydro's experience in applying neural networks to dynamic security contingency screening and ranking. The idea is to use the information on the prevailing operating condition and directly provide contingency screening and ranking using a trained neural network. To train the two neural networks for the large scale systems of BC Hydro(More)
BACKGROUND Menopause heralds a dramatic increase in incident hypertension, suggesting a protective effect of estrogen on blood pressure (BP). In female rats, estrogen has been shown to decrease sympathetic nerve discharge (SND) and BP. SND, however, has not been recorded during estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) in humans. Methods and Results-In 12(More)
A large body of clinical investigation implicates an important role for the sympathetic nervous system in linking obesity with hypertension. However, the experimental support for this hypothesis is derived from strictly white cohorts. The goal of this study was to determine whether being overweight begets sympathetic overactivity in black Americans, the(More)
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