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In cognitive radio networks, the unlicensed users can utilize the unoccupied licensed spectrum opportunistically. In this paper, we propose a joint power and end-to-end rate control algorithm considering restricting the interference to licensed users. By duality theory, the optimal resource allocation solution is given for the unlicensed users while(More)
With wide use of cloud computing technologies, microblog is used more widely for services providing more personal communities by user information sharing, dissemination and acquisition. In Microblog environment, hashtag is used to find messages with a specific theme or content, which can greatly facilitate information diffusion, microblog searching, event(More)
This paper proposes a current-mode bandgap reference which employs a novel “coarse” voltage replication to offset the 2nd-order curvature due to base-emitter voltage of the BJT. The coarse replication is based on a process insensitive transcendental equation which regulates the independent CTAT current. The bandgap reference which will be implemented in(More)
In this paper, a distributed power and end-to-end rate control algorithm is proposed in the presence of licensed users. By Lagrangian duality theory, the optimal power and rate control solution is given for the unlicensed users while satisfying the interference temperature limits to licensed users. It is obtained that transmitting with either 0 or the(More)
Developing high-quality software is essential for eBusiness organizations to cope with drastic market competition. With the development of cloud computing technologies, eBusiness systems and applications pay more attention to open endedness. In a cloud computing environment, eBusiness systems have the ability to provide information technology resources on(More)
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