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After represent the deformation as a field of discrete displacements, nonrigid image registration problem can be considered as a maximum a posteriori inference problem in Markov random field, which can be optimized using pairwise Gibbs energy minimization technique. To find a minimum, we model the registration problem as a game among pixels, propose a novel(More)
In order to replace the traditional manual cleaning rivers and lakes water hyacinth, garbage and so on, and then improve the clean-up efficiency, while addressing the labor force of large salvage, low security issues, a new amphibious cleaning robot is developed. The robot is mainly composed of solar automatic tracking system, amphibious amphibious system,(More)
In order to help students to master the knowledge and skills of robot-related design of mechanical structure, communication, MCU and C language programming, the experimental teaching platform of modular intelligent bipedal walking robot is designed. It is also aimed to solve the problem that conventional robot teaching equipment can only be carried out(More)
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