Yajuan Sun

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No Runge-Kutta method can be energy preserving for all Hamiltonian systems. But for problems in which the Hamiltonian is a polynomial, the Averaged Vector Field (AVF) method can be interpreted as a Runge-Kutta method whose weights bi and abscissae ci represent a quadrature rule of degree at least that of the Hamiltonian. We prove that when the number of(More)
In a recent series of papers, the class of energy-conserving Runge-Kutta methods named Hamiltonian BVMs (HBVMs) has been defined and studied. Such methods have been further generalized for the efficient solution of general conservative problems, thus providing the class of Line Integral Methods (LIMs). In this paper we derive a further extension, which we(More)
— Bisimulation relation as a well known equivalence relation has been successfully applied to computer science and control theory. In our previous work, we proposed the existence of bisimilarity supervisor by introducing simulation-based controllability. As a continuation, this paper deals with the computation for the supremal simulation-based controllable(More)
Our purpose was to evaluate mental fatigue associated with mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) and investigate the underlying neurological mechanisms. We used a 20-min psychomotor vigilance test (PVT) related ASL-fMRI to evaluate mental fatigue in 25 MTBI patients in acute phase, 21 MTBI patients in chronic phase, and 20 healthy subjects. Mental fatigue in(More)