Yajuan Guo

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In a vehicular ad hoc network (VANET), the periodic exchange of single-hop status information broadcasts (beacon frames) produces channel loading, which causes channel congestion and induces information conflict problems. To guarantee fairness in beacon transmissions from each node and maximum network connectivity, adjustment of the beacon transmission(More)
In recent decades, increasing frequency and intensity of saltwater intrusion in the Modaomen Channel has threatened the freshwater supply in the surrounding cities of the Pearl River Estuary, and ulteriorly changed the environmental conditions of the estuarine waters. Phytoplankton biomass, primary production (PP) and species composition, as well as(More)
Futures option cannot only hedge volatility of spot price, but also can protect the investor from loss a lot in disadvantageous circumstances. Without appropriate options, alternative strategy can be taken by combining the underlying asset with risk-free asset, that is, by dynamic adjusting positions of the two assets to replicate the desired option. The(More)
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