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The high-affinity K+ (HAK) transporter gene family constitutes the largest family that functions as potassium transporter in plant and is important for various cellular processes of plant life. In spite of their physiological importance, systematic analyses of ZmHAK genes have not yet been investigated. In this paper, we indicated the isolation and(More)
Protein kinases play an important role in regulating the response to abiotic stress in plant. CIPKs are plant-specific signal transducers, and some members have been identified. However, the precise functions of novel CIPKs still remain unknown. Here we report that HbCIPK2 is a positive regulator of salt and osmotic stress tolerance. HbCIPK2 was screened(More)
A pathogen-inducible ethylene-responsive factor gene, EREB1, was isolated and characterized in cotton (Gossypium barbadense L.). The deduced amino acid sequence of EREB1 had some typical features of transcription factors including nuclear localization signals, an acidic activation domain, and a conserved DNA binding domain. As a single copy gene in the(More)
Hexokinases (HXKs, EC play important roles in metabolism, glucose (Glc) signaling, and phosphorylation of Glc and fructose and are ubiquitous in all organisms. Despite their physiological importance, the maize HXK (ZmHXK) genes have not been analyzed systematically. We isolated and characterized nine members of the ZmHXK gene family which were(More)
Both pro-nociceptive and antinociceptive mediators are released in the tissues during inflammation. Balance of these two types of mediators determines the induction and maintenance of pain or hypernociception. This study was designed to explore whether 5-HT(2A) receptors in the periphery contributed to the maintenance of carrageenan-evoked hyperalgesia.(More)
OBJECTIVE Diabetes is often associated with complications and comorbidities. Diabetic osteoporosis (OP) is increasingly recognized as a significant comorbidity of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2-DM). In this study, we intended to determine whether type 2 diabetes was associated with a higher bone mineral density (BMD) in older males, and investigate the(More)
UNLABELLED Airway mucus hypersecretion is recognized as a pathophysiological feature of airway inflammation. Ca2+ entry and myristoylated alanine-rich C kinase substrate translocation are considered as important factors in such process. To investigate the potential interaction of myristoylated alanine-rich C kinase substrate (MARCKS)-related peptide and(More)
BACKGROUND Polysaccharides from various sources are being considered potential sources for the treatment of liver cancer. The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of polysaccharide isolated from Panax notoginseng (PPN) on the proliferation of H22 liver cancer cells and the survival of the tumor-bearing mice transplanted with H22 cells. (More)
BACKGROUND The increased incidence of cerebral infarction in patients with systemic cancer has been reported; however, the underline mechanisms remain unclear. Investigation regarding the clinical features of cerebral infarction in cancer patients could be helpful to understand its underlying pathogenesis. METHODS A total of 537 patients were recruited(More)