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A critical problem in robotic manufacturing is that the task of teaching robotics is rather time-consuming. This has become a serious problem in the present age of cost reduction. Collaboration with a company in the field has revealed that the root cause of this problem is that there is not a common knowledge base in this domain, which can serve as shared(More)
The subcritical water extraction (SWE) is a high-efficiency and environment-friendly extraction method. The extraction of resveratrol (RES) of grape seeds obtained from the wine production process was proposed using subcritical water extraction (SWE). The effects of different extraction process parameters on RES yield were investigated by single factors.(More)
Any real world system must have at least one constraint to limit the system from achieving its objective. How to make good use of constraints is of vital importance to increase the efficiency of the system. In this paper, an approximate algorithm consisting of two stages of approaches is proposed for solving the real world problems. The first stage of(More)
Cooperation is considered to be very important for an autonomous multi-agent system (called MAS in short) composed of many autonomous agents. However, keeping a suitable combination of cooperation and diversity is considered to be more important for a MAS behaving in a dynamic environment. In this paper, as the examples of autonomous MAS, two species of(More)