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The pH-dependent adsorption of perchlorate (ClO4(-)) by wood-derived biochars produced at 200-700 °C (referred as FB200-FB700) was investigated to probe the anion retention mechanisms of biochars and to identify the interactions of water and biochar. ClO4(-) adsorption was controlled by the surface polarities and structural compositions of the organic(More)
A series of calcined carbonate layered double hydroxides (CLDHs) with various metal compositions and different M(2+)/M(3+) ratios were prepared as adsorbents for perchlorate. Adsorption isotherms fit Langmuir model well, and the adsorption amount followed the order of MgAl-CLDHs ≥ MgFe-CLDHs >> ZnAl-CLDHs. The isotherms of MgAl-CLDHs and MgFe-CLDHs(More)
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