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We describe the design and implementation of Walter, a key-value store that supports transactions and replicates data across distant sites. A key feature behind Walter is a new property called <i>Parallel Snapshot Isolation</i> (PSI). PSI allows Walter to replicate data asynchronously, while providing strong guarantees within each site. PSI precludes(More)
Currently, users of geo-distributed storage systems face a hard choice between having serializable transactions with high latency, or limited or no transactions with low latency. We show that it is possible to obtain both serializable transactions and low latency, under two conditions. First, transactions are known ahead of time, permitting an a priori(More)
WheelFS is a wide-area distributed storage system intended to help multi-site applications share data and gain fault tolerance. WheelFS takes the form of a distributed file system with a familiar POSIX interface. Its design allows applications to adjust the tradeoff between prompt visibility of updates from other sites and the ability for sites to operate(More)
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