Yair Moshe

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Motion in modern video coders is estimated using a block matching algorithm that calculates the distance and direction of motion on a block-by-block basis. In this paper, a novel fast block-based motion estimation algorithm is proposed. This algorithm uses an efficient projection framework that bounds the distance between a template block and candidate(More)
In a world where surveillance cameras are at every street corner, there is a growing need for synergy among cameras as well as the automation of the data analysis process. This paper deals with the problem of reidentification of objects in a set of multiple cameras inputs without any prior knowledge of the cameras distribution or coverage. The proposed(More)
Since their discovery, carbon nanotubes have fascinated many researchers due to their unprecedented properties. However, a major drawback in utilizing carbon nanotubes for practical applications is the difficulty in positioning or growing them at specific locations. Here we present a simple, rapid, non-invasive and scalable technique that enables optical(More)
Undergraduate engineering students who are learning Digital Signal Processing (DSP) are expected to have the ability to implement their theoretical knowledge in various applications soon after graduation. In this paper, we present a laboratory experiment developed for undergraduate students that addresses the challenge of getting them familiar with(More)
Compressed video transmitted over unreliable channels such as wireless networks or the Internet may suffer from packet loss. A packet loss leads to image impairment that may cause significant degradation in image quality. In most practical systems, packet loss is detected at the transport layer and a decoder error concealment post-processor tries to(More)
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