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Security-sensitive applications, such as patient health monitoring and credit card transactions, are increasingly utilizing wireless communication systems, RFIDs, wireless sensor networks, and other wireless communication systems. The use of interference-emitting jammers to protect these sensitive communications has been recently explored in the literature,(More)
A key component for safety applications in Vehicular ad-hoc network (VANET) is the use of periodic beacon messages which provide vehicles with a real-time vehicle proximity map of their surroundings. Based on this map, safety applications can be used for accident prevention by informing drivers about evolving hazardous situations. In order to allow(More)
One of the central building blocks of cloud platforms are linux containers which simplify the deployment and management of applications for scalability. However, they introduce new risks by allowing attacks on shared resources such as the file system, network and kernel. Existing security hardening mechanisms protect specific applications and are not(More)
In this paper we present the Distributed Construct Underlying Topology (D-CUT) algorithm, a self-organized algorithm aim to provide efficient, and reliable hierarchical topology by minimizing the interference between network participants. The D-CUT algorithm produces a geographically optimized clustering of the network, by grouping dense and consecutive(More)
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