Yahya S. Al Hebaishi

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Brucella melitensis has been reported in limited cases of rhythm device infection and has been described as being insidious in its progression. In this report, we emphasize the role of tissue and pocket-fluid extended cultures, especially in patients coming from brucella-endemic areas. While tissue cultures may confirm diagnosis in these patients, they(More)
BACKGROUND The implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) is effective in the prevention of sudden cardiac death in high-risk patients. Little is known about ICD use in the Arabian Gulf. We designed a study to describe the characteristics and outcomes of patients receiving ICDs in the Arab Gulf region. METHODS Gulf ICD is a prospective, multi-center,(More)
Heart failure affects millions of patients all over the world, and its treatment is a major clinical challenge. Cardiac dyssynchrony is common among patients with advanced heart failure. Resynchronization therapy is a major advancement in heart failure management, but unfortunately not all patients respond to this therapy. Hence, many diagnostic tests have(More)
Coronary sinus (CS) anomalies such as diverticulum, persistent left superior vena cava or CS ostium dilatation are predominantly found in patients with accessory pathway-related tachycardias. Diverticulum of the proximal CS found in 7-11% of patients with postero-septal or left posterior manifests accessory pathways. We reported a 28 year old gentleman with(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to describe a new technique to minimize requirement of contrast and the time to puncture the axillary vein during implantation of cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) devices. BACKGROUND One of the challenges to the wide applications of CRT has been the technical difficulty encountered while obtaining venous access(More)
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