Yahya Hassanzadeh-Nazarabadi

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Skip Graph, as a distributed hash table (DHT) based data structure, plays a key role in peer-to-peer (P2P) storage systems, distributed online social networks, search engines, and several DHT-based applications. In the Skip Graph structure, node identifiers define the connectivity. However, traditional identifier assignment algorithms do not consider the(More)
Skip Graph, a member of the distributed hash table (DHT) family, has several benefits as an underlying structure in peer-to-peer (P2P) storage systems. In such systems, replication plays a key role on the system's performance. The traditional decentralized replication algorithms do not consider the locations of Skip Graph nodes in the network. Negligence of(More)
The traditional decentralized availability-based replication algorithms suffer from high dependence on the underlying system's churn behavior, randomness in replica selection, and the inability of maximizing the replicas availability. These drawbacks result in poor data availability especially in low available systems as well as where the churn behavior is(More)
Micro-mouse robots used to solve artificial mazes are unable to develop for solving operational mazes due to their weakness in drawing a perfect imagination from environment. In this experimental research this problem has been analyzed and solved by using mono sensor platform robot. This platform is able to gather information from environment with high(More)
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