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Arsenic (As) is a neurotoxin induces dysfunction of learning and memory. Research has indicated that cerebellum may be involved in arsenic-induced impairment of learning and memory. However, the molecular mechanisms that underlie these effects remain unclear. This study screened for the differentially expressed genes related to the long-term potentiation(More)
Drug repositioning can reduce the time, costs and risks of drug development by identifying new therapeutic effects for known drugs. It is challenging to reposition drugs as pharmacological data is large and complex. Subnetwork identification has already been used to simplify the visualization and interpretation of biological data, but it has not been(More)
Nitrogen-rich porous carbons (NPCs) were synthesized from 1,5-dihydroxynaphthalene, urea, and formaldehyde based on benzoxazine chemistry by a soft-templating method with KOH chemical activation. They possess high surface areas of 856.8-1257.8 m(2) g(-1), a large pore volume of 0.15-0.65 cm(3) g(-1), tunable pore structure, high nitrogen content (5.21-5.32(More)
Assessment of regional forest carbon stocks and underlying controls is critical for guiding forest management in the context of carbon sequestration. We investigated the variations in tree biomass carbon stocks relating to forest types, and estimated the total tree biomass carbon stocks and projected gains through natural stand development by 2020 and 2050(More)
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