Yahui Chang

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This paper describes a technique to support interoperable query processing when multiple heterogeneous knowledge servers are accessed. The problem is to support query transformation transparently, so a user can pose queries locally, without any need of global knowledge about diierent data models and schema. In a companion paper, an architecture for(More)
In this paper, we develop techniques for interoperable query processing between object and relational schemas. The objective is to pose a query against a local object schema and be able to share information transparently from target relational databases, which have equivalent schema. Our approach is a mapping approach (as opposed to a global schema(More)
This paper describes a technique for information mediation when multiple heterogeneous knowledge and data servers are to be accessed during query processing. One problem is building an intelligent interface between each knowledge server (KS) and its processor (KP); and the second is to provide interoper-ability among multiple K P/KS so that a query may be(More)
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