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PURPOSE This paper seeks to review the fundamental concepts of radio frequency identification (RFID) and to discuss the fact that the road to success for healthcare systems is the thorough management of patients, employees, equipment, medications, and records throughout the industry. Thereafter, it aims to prepare a deep review of the technology, study(More)
Location-Routing Problem (LRP) is related to logistics system of supply chain. In LRP, aims are facility location problem and vehicle routing problem that are considered simultaneously. As shown in recent researches, the costs in distribution systems may be excessive if routes are ignored when locating depots. In this paper, a heuristic method in four(More)
— This paper suggest the idea of developing an automatic Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-based system for library search and to observe the current literature to define whether current technology and developed RFID-based systems are supportive for building that. To fully understand its key points, implementations, risks, and benefits, the fundamentals(More)
The hierarchical TOPSIS model used in this article is able to grasp the ambiguity exists in the utilized information and the fuzziness appears in the human judgments and preferences. The use of the hierarchical fuzzy TOPSIS methodology offers a number of benefits: (1) being a systematic model and straight forward one for working on; and (2) capable of(More)
Ranking competing alternatives in terms of their overall performance with respect to some criterions in fuzzy environment is possible by the use of fuzzy TOPSIS methodology using interval-valued fuzzy-sets concepts. This author presents an effective fuzzy multi-criteria method based upon the fuzzy model and the concepts of positive ideal and negative ideal(More)