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—We investigate the performance of multihop-intervehicular communication systems with regenerative and nonregenerative relaying. We consider the so-called " n*Rayleigh distribution " as an adequate multipath fading channel model for vehicle-to-vehicle communication scenarios. We derive a novel approximation for the outage probability of maximum ratio(More)
1  Abstract—In this letter, we consider the problem of energy detection of unknown signals in an intervehicular communication (IVC) system over n*Rayleigh fading channels (also known as cascaded Rayleigh). Novel tight approximations for the probability of detection are derived for the no-diversity and the maximum ratio combining (MRC)) diversity schemes.(More)
—In this letter, we investigate the performance of multiple-input multiple-output techniques in a vehicle-to-vehicle communication system. We consider both transmit antenna selection with maximal-ratio combining and transmit antenna selection with selection combining. The channel propagation model between two vehicles is represented as n*Rayleigh(More)
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