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Due to the compatibility with the well-developed Si-based semiconductor industry, there is considerable interest in developing silicon structures with direct energy band gaps for effective sunlight harvesting. In this paper, using silicon triangles as the building block, we propose a new silicon allotrope with a direct band gap of 0.61 eV, which is(More)
MXenes are attracting attention due to their rich chemistry and intriguing properties. Here a new type of metal-carbon-based sheet composed of transition metal centers and C2 dimers rather than individual C atom is designed. Taking the Ti system as a test case, density functional theory calculations combined with a thermodynamic analysis uncover the thermal(More)
The intriguing properties of phosphorene motivate scientists to further explore the structures and properties of phosphorus materials. Here, we report a new allotrope named K4 phosphorus composed of three-coordinated phosphorus atoms in non-layered structure which is not only dynamically and mechanically stable, but also possesses thermal stability(More)
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