Yago Antolín

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We prove that the outer automorphism group Out(G) is residually finite when the group G is virtually compact special (in the sense of Haglund and Wise) or when G is isomorphic to the fundamental group of some compact 3-manifold. To prove these results we characterize commensurating endomorphisms of acylindrically hyperbolic groups. An endomorphism φ of a(More)
In 1985, Dunwoody showed that finitely presentable groups are accessible. Dunwoody’s result was used to show that context-free groups, groups quasi-isometric to trees or finitely presentable groups of asymptotic dimension 1 are virtually free. Using another theorem of Dunwoody of 1979, we study when a group is virtually free in terms of its Cayley graph,(More)
Adriamycin, an anthracyclinic antibiotic frequently used in quimioterapeutic treatments is highly toxic; it inhibits protein synthesis and provokes prooxidant effects. Melatonin has recently been shown to have high antioxidative properties. We tested if melatonin is able to neutralize the oxidative damage induced by a single dose (20 mg/kg, i.p.) of(More)
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