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ground truth sketch inverse sketch deep neural network Figure 1: Example results of our convolutional sketch inversion models. Our models invert face sketches to synthesize photorealistic face images. Each row shows the sketch inversion / photo synthesis pipeline that transforms a different sketch of the same face to a different image of the same face via a(More)
A brain computer interface (BCI) enables direct communication between a brain and a computer translating brain activity into computer commands usi ng preprocessing, feature extraction and classification operations. Feature extraction is crucial as it has a substantial effect on the classification accuracy and speed. While fractal dimension has been(More)
Here, we develop an audiovisual deep residual network for multimodal apparent personality trait recognition. The network is trained end-to-end for predicting the Big Five personality traits of people from their videos. That is, the network does not require any feature engineering or visual analysis such as face detection, face landmark alignment or facial(More)
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