Yaghoob Naimi

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We introduce a generalized rumor spreading model and analytically investigate the spreading of rumors on scale-free (SF) networks. In the standard rumor spreading model, each node has an infectivity equal to its degree, and connectivity is uniform across all links. To generalize this model, we introduce an infectivity function that determines the number of(More)
We introduce the generalized rumor spreading model and investigate some properties of this model on different complex social networks. Despite pervious rumor models that both the spreader-spreader (SS) and the spreader-stifler (SR) interactions have the same rate α, we define α and α for SS and SR interactions, respectively. The effect of variation of α and(More)
By considering the master equation of the partially asymmetric diffusion process on a one-dimensional lattice, the most general boundary condition (i.e. interactions) for the multi-species reaction-diffusion processes is considered. Resulting system has various interactions including diffusion to left and right, two-particle interactions AαAβ → AγAδ and the(More)
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