Yagang Wang

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The Mustang, Musculoskeletal Temporally Activated Novel-1 Gene (MUSTN1) plays an important role in regulating musculoskeletal development in mammals. We evaluated the developmental and tissue-specific regulation of MUSTN1 mRNA and protein abundance in Erlang Mountainous (EM) chickens. Results indicated that MUSTN1 mRNA/protein was expressed in most tissues(More)
Ovulation in birds is triggered by a surge of luteinizing hormone (LH), and the ovulatory cycle is affected by the circadian rhythms of clock genes transcription levels in follicles. The influence of LH signaling cascades action on circadian clock genes was investigated using granulosa cells of preovulatory follicles from Roman hens cultured in a serum-free(More)
— A Memory Management Unit (MMU) is adopted in the implementation of the Tree-bitmap algorithm for IP address lookup, and its memory allocation policy is vital to the performance of incremental update of Routing Information Base (RIB). Using the RIB database of active routers, a Tree-bitmap based IP address lookup table is constructed, and the memory(More)
Oncogenic herpesvirus infections contribute to the occurrence of lymphomas in the human population. Genetic makeup has a role in susceptibility, but the basis of resistance and susceptibility is not well understood. To gain insight into how genetic resistance occurs in an animal model we have been studying the lymphomas that form in chickens following(More)
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