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Human manganese superoxide dismutase (hMnSOD) was expressed in Escherichia coli under regulation of the PL promoter and cII ribosomal binding site (rbs), derived from bacteriophage λ. Production of hMnSOD was induced upon temperature shift from 32°C to 42°C. The enzyme accumulated for a period of 120 min and reached levels about 25% of total bacterial(More)
Patients with schizophrenia experience higher rates of obesity and related morbidity and mortality than the general population does. Given preclinical studies revealing the role of histamine H1 receptor in human eating behavior, and the potential of olanzapine to block with this system, we hypothesized that histamine H1 receptor agonists may be beneficial(More)
Olanzapine's efficacy in schizophrenia is attributed to antagonism of dopamine and serotonin receptors. Olanzapine is also a potent histamine-H1 antagonist that results in weight gain and somnolence. Betahistine is a centrally acting histamine-H1 agonist, and therefore may reduce olanzapine's effect on histamine receptors in the brain. Olanzapine's high(More)
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