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In this paper we propose a novel semantic label transfer method using supervised geodesic propagation (SGP). We use supervised learning to guide the seed selection and the label propagation. Given an input image, we first retrieve its similar image set from annotated databases. A Joint Boost model is learned on the similar image set of the input image. Then(More)
This paper presents a semantic labeling framework with geodesic propagation (GP). Under the same framework, three algorithms are proposed, including GP, supervised GP (SGP) for image, and hybrid GP (HGP) for video. In these algorithms, we resort to the recognition proposal map and select confident pixels with maximum probability as the initial propagation(More)
In the past decades, hundreds of saliency models have been proposed for fixation prediction, along with dozens of evaluation metrics. However, existing metrics, which are often heuristically designed, may draw conflict conclusions in comparing saliency models. As a consequence, it becomes somehow confusing on the selection of metrics in comparing new models(More)
The intuitionistic fuzzy set, as a generation of Zadeh’ fuzzy set, can express and process uncertainty much better, by introducing hesitation degree. Similarity measures between intuitionistic fuzzy sets (IFSs) are used to indicate the similarity degree between the information carried by IFSs. Although several similarity measures for intuitionistic fuzzy(More)
This paper addresses the combination of unreliable evidence sources which provide uncertain information in the form of basic probability assignment (BPA) functions. We proposed a novel evidence combination rule based on credibility and non-specificity of belief functions. Following a review of all existing non-specificity measures in evidence theory, a(More)
Uncertainty measure can supply a new viewpoint for analyzing knowledge conveyed by an Atanassov’s intuitionistic fuzzy set (AIFS). So uncertainty measurement is a key topic in AIFS theory, analogous to the role of entropy in probability theory. After reviewing the existing measures of uncertainty (entropy) for AIFSs, we argue that the existing measures of(More)