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The usefulness of available vaccine and serological tests for leptospirosis is limited by the low cross-reactivity of antigens from numerous serovars of pathogenic Leptospira spp. Identification of genus-specific protein antigens (GP-Ag) of Leptospira would be important for development of universal vaccines and serodiagnostic methods. OmpL1, a transmembrane(More)
  • Dandan Jin, David M Ojcius, +4 authors Jie Yan
  • Infection and immunity
  • 2009
Apoptosis of host cells plays an important role in modulating the pathogenesis of many infectious diseases. It has been reported that Leptospira interrogans, the causal agent of leptospirosis, induces apoptosis in macrophages and hepatocytes. However, the molecular mechanisms responsible for host cell death remained largely unknown. Here we demonstrate that(More)
Leptospirosis, caused by different Leptospira species, is one of the most widespread zoonotic infections worldwide. Here we expressed three major leptospiral lipoproteins and examined their immunogenicity. All the pathogenic Leptospira strains tested possess the lipL21, lipL32 and lipL41 genes, but the latter two can be further divided into different gene(More)
Leptospirosis is a serious infectious disease caused by pathogenic Leptospira. B- and T-cell-mediated immune responses contribute to the mechanisms of Leptospira interrogans infection and immune intervention. LipL32 and LipL21 are the conserved outer membrane lipoproteins of L. interrogans and are considered vaccine candidates. In this study, we identified(More)
Interactions of virulent Leptospira interrogans with murine monocyte-macrophage-like J774A.1 cells and Vero (African green monkey kidney fibroblasts) cells from attachment to internalization were investigated by a series of morphological analysis. Fontana silver staining revealed that only the pathogenic leptospires were able to attach to host cells and the(More)
BACKGROUND Variations of porB1A and porB1B genes and their serotypes exist in Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates from different geographical areas, and some site mutations in the porB1B gene correlate with drug resistance. METHODS The β-lactamase production of N. gonorrhoeae isolates was determined by paper acidometric test and nitrocefin discs. The porB1A(More)
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